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Biblioteca(s):  Embrapa Pantanal.
Data corrente:  08/04/1999
Data da última atualização:  08/04/1999
Autoria:  JACKSON, R. M.; WHITE, M.; KNOWLTON, F. F.
Afiliação:  Museum of Vertebrate Zooogy and Department of Zoology University of California, Berkeley. School of Forestry and Conservation and Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. U.S. Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife...
Título:  Activity patterns of young white-tailed deer fawns in South Texas.
Ano de publicação:  1972
Fonte/Imprenta:  Ecology, v.53, n.2, p.262-270, 1972.
Idioma:  Inglês
Conteúdo:  We studied the activity of 27 young white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) fawns on the Welder Wildlife Refuge in South Texas. We attached motion-sensitive radio-transmitter to 15 male and 12 female fawns, 3-12 days old, and monitored their activity for as long as 9 weeks. These fawns primarily were diurnal, although most were active for short periods one or twice a night. The amount and timing of activity of each fawn varied considerably; however, total activity increased with age as a fawn became stronger and more agile. Males were more active than females during daytime and in total at all ages, but females were more active at night. During their first two weks of life, fawns were active an average of 8% of the time. By 1 month of age, males were active about 16% of the time, and females were active about 12% of the time. The average number of daytime activity periods increased from two in fawns during their first week to five-six periods at 1 month of age. Most activity periods were less than 35 minutes long, but they increased in duration with fawn age. Two-hour activity periods were rare until fawns were more than a month old. The increase in fawn activity with age was related to the fawn's increasing ability to follow its dams, and its gradual integration into the adult deer social unit. Fawns were more active during midday hours in their first week of life, but they were most active in morning and evening thereafter.
Palavras-Chave:  Activity patterns; Cervo; Padrao de atividade; White-tailed deer.
Thesaurus NAL:  Odocoileus virginianus.
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