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Biblioteca(s):  Embrapa Caprinos e Ovinos.
Data corrente:  18/10/2016
Data da última atualização:  20/10/2016
Título:  Reproductive performance of hormonally treated sheep maintained year-round in a controlled-light environment.
Ano de publicação:  1982
Fonte/Imprenta:  Canadian Journal of Animal Science, v. 62, n. 2, p. 1109-1117, Dec. 1982.
DOI:  10.4141/cjas82-130
Idioma:  Inglês
Conteúdo:  Six experiments were conducted on hormonally treated ewes maintained year-round in a controlled-light environment in a breeding program designed to produce three lamb crops in 2 yr. Various combinations of fluorogestone acetate (FGA), prostaglandin F2 (PGF2 ) and pregnant mares' serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) were used to synchronize estrus in the ewes. There were no significant differences (P > 0.05) in fertility between FGA- and PGF2 -treated ewes when the ewes were having cyclic ovarian activity (cycling) at the time of treatment, i.e. in January and May in our system. Among ewes in the constant day-length lighting regime, fertility was lower in September than in January or May. Prolificacy ranged from 1.7 to 2.0 in the six experiments. Fecundity, a measure of the overall productivity, followed a similar pattern to fertility and was not significantly (P > 0.05) affected by the various treatments. These findings demonstrated the feasibility of maintaining a controlled 8-mo breeding program for sheep maintained year-round in a controlled-light environment.
Palavras-Chave:  Animal behaviour; Controlled light; Hormone treatment effects.
Thesagro:  Ciclo estral; Comportamento animal; Ecologia animal; Eficiência reprodutiva; Ovino; Reprodução animal; Sincronização do cio.
Thesaurus NAL:  Animal ecology; Reproduction; Sheep.
Categoria do assunto:  L Ciência Animal e Produtos de Origem Animal
Marc:  Mostrar Marc Completo
Registro original:  Embrapa Caprinos e Ovinos (CNPC)
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