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Biblioteca(s):  Embrapa Caprinos e Ovinos.
Data corrente:  01/08/1992
Data da última atualização:  30/06/2016
Autoria:  MARSHALL, B.; TORELL, D. T.; BREDON, R. M.
Título:  Comparison of tropical forages of known composition with samples of these forages colleted by esophageal fistulated animals.
Ano de publicação:  1967
Fonte/Imprenta:  Journal of Range Management, v. 20, n. 5, p. 310-313, Sep., 1967.
Idioma:  Inglês
Conteúdo:  Six mature Zebu steers were fitted with esophageal fistulas and were stall fed herbage of varying quality to enable the sample collected to be compared chemically with forage fed. Various technique were tried and those adopted for use under local conditions are described in detail. Regression equations were calculated which compare crude protein and fiber content of samples collected from fistulas with those of forage eaten. Figures present the composition of saliva before and after feeding and an equation correlates yield of saliva to the dry matter of forage eaten. Possible reasons for the differences between the herbage fed and the forage collected are discussed.
Palavras-Chave:  Fistulacao; Fistulacao Esofagica; Planta Forrageira Tropical.
Thesagro:  Ruminante.
Categoria do assunto:  --
Marc:  Mostrar Marc Completo
Registro original:  Embrapa Caprinos e Ovinos (CNPC)
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