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Biblioteca(s):  Embrapa Caprinos e Ovinos.
Data corrente:  18/01/2016
Data da última atualização:  18/01/2016
Autoria:  GALINA, M. A.; MARGUIA, M.; HUMMEL, J.
Título:  Current status of the goat industy in Mexico.
Ano de publicação:  1982
Fonte/Imprenta:  In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GOAT PRODUCTION AND DISEASE, 3., 1982, Tucson. Proceedings... Scottsdale: Dairy Goat Journal, 1982. p. 505
Idioma:  Inglês
Conteúdo:  A study was conducted to evaluate the current status of the goat industry in Mexico. The estimations were made after consulting the official statistics given by the Mexican government and by sample data obtained by the researchers. The data, represented were from the year 1970-1980. It was demostrated that the number of heads of goats has been stable at 9.3 million animals (¦ 4 percent) but the rate of slaughter has increased 14.71 percent in the same decade. This demonstrates a large increase in demand. Accompanying this is an increase in the price of meat of 384 percent. The national milk production has gone from 169 million liters to 271 million which is an increase of 60 percent. The price of milk has also increased. This has encouraged some producers to enter the dairy goat industry. On the other hand, our goat industry has increased their dependency on foreign livestock importation. In 1970, we imported 372 thousand animals and in 1979 there were near 800 thousand which were mainly used for slaughter
Palavras-Chave:  Statistical data.
Thesagro:  Caprino; Dados estatisticos; Diagnóstico; Estatística agrícola; Indústria.
Thesaurus Nal:  Goats; Intensive farming; Mexico.
Categoria do assunto:  E Economia e Indústria Agrícola
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Registro original:  Embrapa Caprinos e Ovinos (CNPC)
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